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Updated: Jun 4

Today was really fast paced and I loved every second of it! I got my suit ready and headed off to the metro to meet up with the other interns to make our way to the outside of the US Capitol again, but this time it was for a photoshoot!! All of the interns were waiting by the water for their turn to get their photo taken and we were the first ones up every time. This was because we were also supposed to go to the USDA building for a meeting and a tour, but we had to be quick because it was a tight gap between the two.

After walking from the photoshoot to the USDA building, we got there in time for the meeting and were able to network with some of the people from the USDA. We did then get to see a bit of the USDA building from the tour but before we could get too far, it was time for us to start making our way back to the state capitol in order to meet up with the other interns for another day of orientation.

We stopped for food at the cafeteria in the Capitol but had to eat quickly in order to get to the meeting on time! This was another of my favorite things at orientation because I was able to meet Richard Cerros, a community relations coordinator who reminded me of home. There were many speakers at this day's event and each of them provided insights and information on what it would be like working as both an intern, and as a Latin person in D.C. This was also another networking event so we had the opportunity to speak with all of them individually which made the conversations even more helpful towards our questions regarding this new experience.

After the networking event, we met up with Virginia and the other interns at a restaurant in Chinatown where we had some amazing food. While I may have been a little too confident in my ability to withstand chili oil, it was still some of the best food I'd had in D.C.! After this, we got boba and ran into some of the people from USDA. It was a day of running around and making sure we were where we needed to be and after coming back to the dorms my bed provided a welcomed resting spot.

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