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Creativity. Expression. Art. 

Student Art Contest

The Student Art Contest for The National HEPCAMP Association Annual Conference is a great way for students to provide a visual testimony and representation of their experience in agricultural work and their vision for the possibilities that education provides them

Student Art Contest

Daniela Fernández 

CAMP | Arizona State University. 

Daniela Fernandez Romero is a sophomore at Arizona State University majoring in Architectural Studies. Originally from San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, she immigrated to San Luis, Arizona with her mother and younger sister when she was 8. 

Daniela credits the help of the Migrant Education Program for her being able to master English within a year after immigrating, and later helping her pay for Advanced Placement classes in high school. The first in her in family to go to university, her mother and sister support her aspirations though the rest of her family doesn’t understand why she is continuing her education.

Daniela chose to study Architecture as she likes to draw and look at buildings. A dedicated student, Daniela likes to challenge herself. For example, in addition to the rigorous classes required in her major, she is also learning Japanese as she would like to be tri-lingual.

The art piece she created for the HEP/CAMP National Association is inspired by her own experiences as a CAMP student as well as her mother’s experience as a fieldworker in melon and lettuce.

RAMIREZ, Ashley - Eastern WA CAMP_edited.jpg

Student Submission

Ashley Ramírez

Eastern Washington University

Student Submission

Evelyn Galindo

Metropolitan State University - Denver


GALINDO, Evelyn - Denver CAMP.jpg
SANCHEZ, Francisco - CBC HEP_edited.jpg

Student Submission

Francisco Sánchez

Columbia Basin College


Student Submission

Gloria Yanes

Miami Dade College


YANES, Gloria - Miami Dade CAMP.jpg
DIAZ, Joel - Drury CAMP_edited.jpg

Student Submission

Joel Díaz

Drury University


Student Submission

Cassandra Arreola

Adams State University


ARREOLA, Cassandra - Adams State University CAMP_edited.jpg
MENDEZ, Lucero Liliana  - YVC CAMP.PNG

Student Submission

Lucero Liliana Mendez

Yakima Valley College


Student Submission

Moise Tuyikunde

Metropolitan State University - Denver


TUYIKUNDE, Moise - MSU Denver - CAMP.jpg
RODARTE, Nohemi - Adams State CAMP.png

Student Submission

Nohemi Rodarte

Adams State University


Student Submission

Yomiris Reyes

Miami Dade College


REYES, Yomiris - Miami Dade CAMP_edited.jpg

Student Submission

Luna Robledo

New Mexico State University


Student Submission

María Lugo

Arizona State University


LUGO, Maria.jpg
ARANDA, Yudith - WTAM CAMP_edited.jpg

Student Submission

Yudith Aranda

West Texas A&M University


Student Art Contest Winner

Winner - Jovany Remijio

CSU | Monterey

Jovany is from King City, California, and a first-year student at California State University, Monterey Bay.  "I am a business major. I am the youngest of 4 siblings and I am also the first one in my family that will graduate from college. I eventually would like to own my own business and become a management consultant. My love of creating art derives from silence. There is not a word that I have to say when art speaks. As a person who always talks a bit too fast or even stutters a bit too much, art never fails to make itself clear. That is my love for art. The inspiration for this art piece came from a 5-minute meditation. During those five minutes, I could only think of one thing; Why? Why am I continuing school? Why am I here? Why do I feel the way I do? These are questions that I ask myself every so often to further my drive and motivation. I’m doing this for my parents who’ve already made so many sacrifices. I’m here to be the best person I can be and help others. I feel motivated because I have an opportunity that I will not allow to pass me by. CAMP has always and will always continue to feel like family. The continuous support and motivation I receive from this program is indescribable. The program is filled with so many people who really care to connect with you and your situation. Thank you, CAMP.

2022 Call for Submissions

The National HEPCAMP Association is calling for submissions of student artwork to be used on the cover of the 2022 HEPCAMP Association National COnference program. The program will be distributed to the attendees at the annual conference, to be held October 25-27, 2022 in New Orleans.

CFP - HEPCAMP Art Contest.jpg

Call for Proposals document

Eligibility Criteria


Student must be a current student or active alumni of a HEP or CAMP program.

*Active alumni are HEPCAMP students currently enrolled full-time in a higher learning institution.


Artwork must be authentic and created by the student.


The Design should incorporate this year's theme "Jazzing Up Educational Opportunities."


Artwork should be submitted in JPEG, JPG or digital format with the submission form below.


Submissions are due by Sunday, September 16, 2022

Other Important Info

Submission Requirements

  1. The student's full name must accompany the submission

  2. Digital submission of the design must be received

  3. Students selected for the award should plan on recording a 2-3 minute video to be played at the conference if they can not attend

  4. Utilize the submission form below. 


  1. The Committee will award one student artwork winner

  2. The selected design will be used for the cover of the 2022 National HEPCAMP Conference program

  3. The winner will be tentatively announced by September 26, 2022

  4. The Association will provide a $500 scholarship/stipend to the winner of this contest. The entrant is required to incorporate this year's them into their submission: "Jazzing Up Educational Opportunities.

  5. Students will give the HEPCAMP Association the right to showcase the design on the conference program and on any related correspondence.

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