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Memorial Day!

Updated: Jun 4

In my hometown, Memorial Day is always a holiday of remembrance and appreciation for the lives of those who fought to protect our country, and here in D.C., it's even more than that. Being able to walk around the city with all my cohort and take in the monuments in the daylight is something that I'll never forget. Each of them has such a beautiful history and amazing detail that walking through them and seeing them up close is something that I'll always remember. We walked from our dorms to the Lincoln Memorial first, then the World War 2 Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial, and lastly the Washington Monument.

All of the walking was starting to get to me but I was able to keep pushing, being powered by my excitement at the thought of getting to see everything in person! After having seen the Washington Monument, Patrick took us to the National Museum of the American Indian. Here we got an in-depth look at the native peoples of North America and their rich cultures! And I really loved the way that this museum provided so much of the real history of these peoples, as it opened the eyes of its audience to the true story of the country. From there, we walked to the state capitol and were able to actually get a tour of the inside!! It was such an unforgettable experience being able to go through and observe the nation's history as it unfolded throughout time. The statues seemed to be in endless supply, and the paintings that we were able to see were breathtaking to look at!

Afterwards, Patrick ended the day by taking us to the Supreme Court where we got to see the legendary building from the outside. We then made our way back to the metro and went back to the dorms to prepare for the upcoming orientation for the rest of the week!

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