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As the Dust Settles

Updated: Jun 4

On the morning of the second day some of the interns and I went out for a walk and a coffee, taking in the city's scenery while also getting a layout of the land. Upon returning, we had received a notice to start moving to Shenkman Hall (our dorms). Thus began the arduous process of moving all of luggage from our rooms out of the hotel! Getting it to our rooms was a challenge in itself, but all of us trying to get down at the same time was a hilarious game of seeing how much luggage we could fit in the small elevator so as to not have to carry it down several flights of stairs! We did eventually get all of our things down and out of the hotel, then, appearing almost like a migration of birds, we moved just across the street to the dorm building. Here we got our room access cards and were able to take our things, this time in larger and bigger elevators, to our rooms. After organizing for a short while we then met back downstairs for a meeting with Virginia on how the metro worked.

We walked to the Foggy Bottom metro station where we got our metro cards and took the metro to Columbia Heights, where we then went shopping. The station itself had beautiful and breathtaking architecture, of which I'd never seen the like, and left me starstruck with a very sublime feeling. It was one of the few times that I felt minuscule in comparison to the world around me, and served only to deepen my appreciation for the journey that I found myself taking. The brief trip to the store and Virginia's amazing explanations really helped me understand how the metro lines operated, allowing me to navigate through them very easily. After the store however, we returned to our dorms where I set up my dorm room. Feeling restless and wanderlust, I asked Bryan and Joan if they wanted to go and explore the monuments that we saw outside. We walked around and took photos and after coming back to the dorms I finally got some rest.

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