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For Students

HEP and CAMP students are unique and the reason that The National HEPCAMP Association members strive to provide the highest quality services possible to ensure that they have the best opportunity to reach their educational goals and leverage their educational attainment to better their quality of life. 


DC Internship

The National HEPCAMP Association sponsors several interns each year who are placed with various offices in Washington DC, many of which are on Capitol Hill. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for CAMP students.

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Beginning as a much-needed response to extenuating circumstances shared by many students participating in HEP and CAMP projects, The National HEPCAMP Association has funded a Student Emergency Fund (SEF). The application is currently being updated.

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HEPCAMP Scholarship

The HEPCAMP scholarship is designed to help students cover the costs of attendance as they attend or transition into studies at the post-secondary level.

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