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Membership Dues

  • Dues are active for the full OME fiscal year, which begins July 1st and ends June 30th.

  • Invoices are sent at the end of January, the midpoint of our year, to all active HEP and CAMP projects to the address listed on the National HEP/CAMP association web page. Directors are asked to verify and correct their information to ensure timely delivery of  invoices.

  • Projects can submit payment via check, made out to the National HEP CAMP Association or credit card (a processing fee will be added to the total). Receipts are available upon request. 



The National HEPCAMP Association is the primary organizational body which represents our federally funded projects for the Highschool Equivalency Program (HEP) and the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP).

Membership in The National HEPCAMP Association is predicated on paying annual dues which provide the funding for scholarships, internships, conference planning, lobbying activities and scholarly research and publication.

The National HEPCAMP Association also provides opportunities for engaging in leadership positions from the membership to help guide the association's efforts to support our students.

For the Association

A Voice in Washington DC

The National HEPCAMP Association collaborates with NVG Consulting to assist with educating and advocating for our programs in the capital. Irene Bueno, Partner at NVG, is our association's representative in Washington DC



The National HEPCAMP Association sponsors several student interns with an internship and supports them during their placements in Washington DC. Membership dues are the main funding source for this internship that has benefitted many students. It is a transformative and once-in-a-lifetime experience for our students.



The HEPCAMP Scholarship is funded entirely through member dues paid to the association. This scholarship helps to provide funding for school-related expenses in order to further our students' education and support them through the transitions from High School Equivalency to Higher Educaiton.



The National HEPCAMP Association supports programs through efforts to interface with the public and provide a space to market their program on the website. News, updates, student success stories, etc. can all be featured on the association's website.


Journal of Migrant Education

The Journal of Migrant Education (JME) is a scholarly publication that has been supported by The National HEPCAMP Association but managed independently by scholars whose research interests align with the overarching goal of producing research related to migrant and seasonal farm working (MSFW) communities and students. Currently, the JME stores archived article publications in the journal via the association's website. 


Professional Development

Professional development (PD) opportunities are essential to effectively administer the services offered through HEP and CAMP projects. There are several key PD op[portunities directly related to the performance of HEP and CAMP projects and OME technical assistance which the association encourages all members to consider. Below are a some examples:

  1. The Annual Director's Meeting (OME) at the US DOE

  2. The National Association of State Directors of Migrant Education Conference (NASDME)

  3. The National HEPCAMP Association Conference

  4. The Mentoring Initiative

  5. OME Technical Assistance webinars and workshops 

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