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Juan Diego González

Hometown: Ceres, California

Institute: Modesto Junior College

Major: Biology

Placement: League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

All About Juan Diego

Juan Diego was born in Turlock, California and was raised in Huáscato, Jalisco, Mexico, as well as Ceres, California. Growing up as the fourth of five children of immigrant parents, Juan Diego learned to appreciate the work and determination needed to adequately represent the sacrifices his parents made, his culture, and his community.  He does this through his varied interest and independent nature, all the while recognizing the importance of his family support system. 

Juan Diego is currently a first -year student at Modesto Junior College and is majoring in Biology.  Upon completing his AA, he will transfer to the University of California. As president of the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán, Juan Diego is passionate about promoting the uniqueness of his culture and the success of Latinos within the Modesto community.  Juan Diego is also part of the Math, Science, Engineering, and Achievement program where he is able to further pursue his interest in medicine and encourage other young Latinos to pursue careers in STEM. After completing undergraduate school Juan Diego's goal is to attend medical school to become a doctor and role model in his community.

As a HEP/CAMP intern, Juan Diego wants to develop his leadership and community organizing abilities to better support and help those within his immediate and surrounding communities, as well as strengthening his knowledge as a social activist.

Click images to read Juan Diego's journals.

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