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Rest and Relaxation

I dedicated today to mentally preparing myself for the work to come ahead, so I've mostly tried to make sure I had my schedule open. I spent the morning cleaning up my dorm and washing my clothes, because I can think better when I'm in a clean space. After having done those chores, I started steaming and cleaning my dress clothes for work this week. Afterwards, my roommate and I went to the store to pick up some groceries to be able to make food throughout the week. We took the metro to get there and made sure that we could carry everything we were getting so as not to make the same mistake that we did when we had originally gone shopping! After arriving back at the dorms we took our things out and started organizing the kitchen to be able to have it ready for when we needed to make some food. At this point, I started working on getting my journals done and preparing for the CHCI programming that I would be doing on Monday morning. I also started getting my work email set up, and mapping my route for how I would get to work every morning. I plan on finishing off the day by either watching a movie with some of the other interns, or finishing some more poems that I had started throughout the week. While today wasn't filled with train rides and running to get to meetings, it was honestly very beneficial being able to stay in one place and focus on myself!

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