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The weeks are flying by


We started our Monday like we always do by going to the The Washington Center for our programming for CHCI. In our GW seminar we discussed the intersectionality of Race, Gender, Class, and Sexual Orientation. Our professor put up a number of questions and when she would ask them, we would go to whatever was the first thing we thought of when we heard the question. For instance, one of the questions was something like, "In your daily life what is the thing you worry about the most?" When she asked that I went to the side of the room that said class because money is one of my biggest worries right now. I always think her sessions are very good. After this, we had lunch and went into the CHCI portion. We talked about different styles of leadership, values & imposter syndrome, and identity regarding your workplace. I ended the day like most days with a run.


Chill Tuesday


This week I actually stayed at USDA for the whole day, the weeks before I would only go in for a couple hours and then leave. I started the day by going to our 9am meeting. On Tuesday I spent my day researching. Russellie, my supervisor, is the chief of staff for the Deputy Secretary of the USDA. She tasked me with researching all the different people in the department so that I could make a list of people I wanted to meet. I looked at the different offices and mission areas and I would pick a name and look them up. The people I put on my list were either people in high positions in their office, dealt with farm workers, had a law background, or just people I was interested in meeting. I got at least 20 people that Russelie will contact for one on ones for me. I did not do much else at work that day. I went on a run that night as well. (I forgot to take a lot of pictures this week, so a lot of them are just from when I go on runs, I'll be better next week).




Today we had a day off because of Juneteenth. I wanted to do something with my day, so I decided to tag along with some of the interns from CHCI on a hike. We got an Uber and went about 30 minutes away to this park called Great Falls Park. It wasn't that much of a hike, but more just short trails. We explored and went down closer to the water. It was a nice day to go out and see some nature. The city is nice, but sometimes you have to get away. After the hike, we were all starving and we decided to get some food. We went to this place called Henry's Soul Cafe. I got ribs, mac n' cheese, and potato wedges. The food was delicious. I didn't do much the rest of the day, I just relaxed and enjoyed my free time.


Good Day


I had my 9am meeting at the start of the day. These meetings are just with the people in my office and it's everyone catching each other up. Everyone works together so that things run smoothly for the Deputy. It is important that they have these meetings so that everyone knows what needs to be done. After this I continued to do more research on the different people at USDA, but Russelie also tasked me with coming up with an elevator pitch for these meetings. I made a rough draft and practiced it in front of her, I learned that you want to be relaxed and make it more like you are having a conversation to who you're speaking to. I also had a class with Neha, she brought a guest speaker. It was Silvia Fabela she is a Senior Advisor in the Office of the Secretary that focuses on immigrant and farm work policies. I will definitely meet with her another time to talk more about what she does.


I got my Laptop!


I came in at the same I do every day, but since I don't have a badge yet someone from my office needs to let me up. However, today no one in my office was there yet I had to wait. But Marco, one of the other interns let me up. Thankfully he did because I had to go to my 9:30 appointment to pick up my laptop. This is great because I can actually start to do work and projects now. It was Friday, so that means lunch at the Farmers Market. My favorite thing to eat there are the empanadas. After lunch I had two meetings that Russelie set up for me. The first one was with Claudia Meng, she is a special assistant in the Office of the Secretary. She gave some good advice about working at USDA for the rest of the summer. After this I had a meeting with Rudy Soto. I had a great time speaking with him. He was from Idaho, so it was cool to hear about his background and what he's done. He is now the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the office of External and Intergovernmental Affairs. I hope to get to speak to him more. After this I created a rough draft of an agenda for a Town Hall at USDA.


Good Day


I started my Saturday by going to the gym and going on a quick run. After that a group of us went to the pool. It was at GW's second campus. It was really nice to go out and swim because I haven't gone swimming once this summer. I was really trying to tan because I am a little paler, but I didn't even burn. Afterwards we went to get some food at the Western Market. Then at night we went to the Museums for the events they had. It was the one night a summer that they stay open until late. On Sunday I just chilled most of the day.

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