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Cindy Villarreal-Medina

Hometown: Edinburg, Texas

Institute: Michigan State University (MSU)

Major: Social Science Education

Placement: Office of Rep. Raúl Grijalva (AZ)

All About Cindy

Cindy was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, in Edinburg, Texas. She is the eldest daughter of immigrant parents who migrated from Mexico to the United States, where they have since worked in the agricultural fields. Growing up, Cindy's migrant lifestyle has taught her the importance of resilience and adaptability in unfamiliar situations. These experiences became the building blocks of Cindy's passion to serve her family and community.

Cindy is a first-generation college student at Michigan State University, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science Education. As a future educator, her passion for culturally informed practices has led her to be an active member of multiple Latino organizations, particularly through her involvement in Cultura de Las Razas Unidas and DEI community efforts. Through her internship at the Michigan Senate, she has been able to envision herself in a career in public service where she could advocate for educational policies and make an impact in the lives of students from underrepresented communities. As she navigates the challenges and hidden curriculum of college, she strives to break through barriers and strive for success for the betterment of herself and the Latino community at large.

As a HEP/CAMP intern, Cindy hopes to strengthen her knowledge of constituent engagement and the federal legislative process. She hopes to use her experiences to advocate for the growing number of First-Generation Americans who can finally voice their families' and communities' concerns by amplifying their voices on a national level.

Click on the images below to read Cindy's journals.

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