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Bryan Juárez-Ruíz

Hometown: Weiser, Idaho

Institute: University of Idaho

Major: Political Science

Placement: USDA - Office of the Secretary

All About Bryan

Bryan Juárez Ruíz was born and raised in Weiser, Idaho. Both of his parent’s families immigrated to the United States from Michoacan, Mexico in the 1990’s. They have called Idaho their home since then and have worked in many agricultural jobs. His family has always encouraged a college education to leave the fields. He is a first-generation college student with many ambitions and is determined to accomplish all his goals. Bryan is a CAMP Scholar at the University of Idaho. He is involved in different clubs on his college campus such as the Association of Latino Professionals for America, Movimiento Activista Social, and the POLISCI Society.  

Bryan is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in political science, philosophy and a minor in Spanish. His plan is to then attend the University of Idaho’s College of Law after obtaining his bachelor’s degree. After law school, he is drawn to practice immigration and/or criminal law. Bryan wants to be able to represent people who are typically at a disadvantage in society. He has always valued justice, which leads to his desire to possibly become a judge one day.  

As a HEP/CAMP intern, Bryan hopes to gain leadership skills, obtain a mentor, and learn how to network and build professional connections with others in D.C. This internship opportunity would help him further his goal of becoming a lawyer and judge one day.

Click on the images below to read Bryan's journals.

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