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Annai Aguilera Gonzalez

Hometown: Caldwell, Idaho

Institute: University of Idaho
Major: Political Science, International Studies

Placement: The Office of Rep. Scott Peters

All About Annai

Annai grew up in the small town of Caldwell, Idaho. The youngest of four children and daughter to two very hardworking parents, who migrated to the United States at the age of 18 from Michoacan, Mexico. From an early age, Annai prioritized her education and involvement within her communities. Annai strives to be inclusive and supportive to those around her. On campus, Annai has been involved in Movimiento Activista Social, a social activist and justice organization, working along and constructing actions such as the Manejando Sin Miedo Campaign, and the Wendy’s Boycott Protest. Alongside being involved in, Organización de Estudiantes Latino Americanos, an organization focused on increasing educational opportunities for underrepresented communities. Annai strives to make her family and friends proud. 


Annai is currently a sophomore at the University of Idaho, in Moscow, Idaho, double majoring in Political Science and International Studies with a minor in Spanish. When she receives her master's degree, with her experience in these fields, she hopes to take her knowledge abroad and work with or start a non-profit focused on bringing awareness and support to many social injustices in the world. Annai’s goal is to bring support to as many people as possible through the form of service and advocacy. 


As a HEP/CAMP Intern, Annai hopes to bring a positive leadership role as well as gaining new perspectives and skills to bring back to her community. Strengthening both her knowledge within the government system and community outreach.

Click images to read Annai's journals.

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