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First Day on the Job


Today I met with the rest of the CHCI interns for the first time in person. It was a bit intimidating meeting all these new people all of a sudden who have similar goals and aspirations as me, but it was fun. During our seminar, we had a congressional simulation of the committee process, in this case, the problem was gun control. I was assigned as a Republican committee member and despite what I actually believe in, I attempted to give my best case without my internal bias. The point of the simulation was to give all of us a taste of why Congress is so slow in processing new laws. It was very eye-opening. It was also a process of a lot of spite when it comes to the party divide.


Today was my first day at the job in the USDA, specifically in the Office of Partnerships and Public Engagement. I didn’t do much literal work today, but I did do a lot of meeting people and sitting in on conferences to have an overview of what the office does. It seemed like a good day, but unfortunately, I ran into a bit of a problem regarding getting an on-site badge. It turns out that due to a new security rule, you have to have the originals to personal information. So, I had to have my passport mailed here to DC. It was a stressful hiccup, but hopefully, I can get my badge soon.


I get to take my CHCI portrait pictures today. Today was also the day I put on a tie in over three years. So, I struggled a lot this morning, to the point where I was almost late for our group up. But after various failed attempts, I was able to do it. It was also cool to take a little tour around the Capitol grounds and look at how large it actually is. After our photo shoot, I just had a remote day for my job and went extensive grocery shopping to do some meal prepping.


After work today, the CHCI interns got to have a special screening of the new film reboot Father of the Bride which was presented by the director and the producer themselves. The point of the movie was to have a Latin spin on the original story, which was fantastically made. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and it’s already in the top movies of the year for me.


This weekend I didn’t take any pictures, but I went off to explore by myself and view the March for Our Lives protest on Saturday. It was nice to see the movement keep going but depressing that it is even more relevant than before.

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