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DC Nationals!


This morning for my weekly Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) seminar, we moved into a new building in the Navy Yard area, which was incredibly nice with great views of the city. During today’s seminar, we had more ice breaker activities which let me connect with my fellow interns more significantly. We also had life planning activities where we try and think of things that matter to us and what we would prioritize in our lives to live a more successful and happy life. After the seminar, I went to a Hole in the Wall deli and bought a sandwich, which I regrettably did not document, but it was an amazing sandwich. A good sandwich is a great ending to a good day.


Today for work I had some regular intern duties… which is cleaning the storage room! Although many people would see it as a drag, I actually kind of liked it, having a mind that likes organizing things. It was interesting to see all the public pamphlets and flyers regarding new plans and introduced bills throughout the years that have accumulated in storage boxes. Especially interesting seeing it through the eyes of someone in the future, seeing which ones actually went through successfully or others that just suddenly stopped in planning more than a decade ago. After work, I went to a Nationals game against the Braves with the other CHCI interns, which was another great opportunity to connect with more people. The Nationals however got absolutely crushed, but I didn’t care much about the game if I’m being completely honest. But it was nice to be in the setting of a baseball stadium, and the food was great… but definitely a bit expensive!


At my job today, I was assigned to do some research regarding the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and its members. A project I really liked, finding out the personal backstories of all the Congresspeople and their past as public servants. However, what did bug me was that many of their views and opinions were quite vague, which made my job even harder! But after some swift research on some of their public speeches, I was able to have some semblance of their opinion. But I found out that researching is something that interests me, seeking out an answer through every nook and cranny.


This weekend I met some other interns in the dorm building here at George Washington University after a fire alarm went out and forced everyone outside and have some meaningful conversations with many of them regarding growing up and where we want to go after this phase in our lives as college students and interns. Later in the weekend, I headed to the National Mall to see a folk festival the Smithsonian was holding which was nice to spectate.

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